Phase 1 - Preliminary Round, BAJA SAEINDIA 2023

The first leg (Phase 1) i.e. Preliminary Round, scheduled in September 2022, focused on the virtual presentation of the ATVs of teams. The Preliminary Round tests the technical and professional capacity of teams over an online platform. The two-day event included a virtual Inauguration, presentations from teams showcasing the finalised design of their buggy.

Phase 2 - Virtual Round, BAJA SAEINDIA 2023

The second leg will incorporate Virtual Dynamic Events with the help of Automotive Simulation Software combined with Digital Static Events for 2023 edition. This will include the Virtual Static Events Evaluation such as Design, Cost, Sales Presentation as well as the Dynamic Events such as Maneuverability and All Terrain Performance held virtually through globally benchmarked Automotive Simulation software, IPG CarMaker. The objective of these events is to evaluate the software knowledge, design understanding, cost efficiency and business skills of the participating teams.

Phase 3 - Physical Round, BAJA SAEINDIA 2023

The final leg i.e. Phase 3, will be conducted physically for mBAJA in January’23, and for eBAJA in April’23 respectively. This leg will be a physical evaluation of the buggies of the participating teams. The event will include Dynamic Events such as Acceleration Event, Maneuverability Event, Suspension & Traction Event & Endurance Event along with the initial technical evaluation.