Phase 1 - Preliminary Round, BAJA SAEINDIA 2025

The first leg of the event is Phase 1 Preliminary round which is scheduled for July 2024; it focuses on the rudimentary virtual presentation of the team’s All Terrain Vehicle (ATV). The event entails a virtual presentation from the teams showcasing their idea for the vehicle and their implementation plan for the year followed by a quiz. The Preliminary round deduce the team’s technical and professional capacity over an online platform.

Phase 2 - Virtual BAJA SAEINDIA 2025

The second leg of the event i.e., Virtual round which has two division first incorporate Virtual dynamic event with the help of Simulation based model, it helps team replicate real vehicle in a virtual environment and know how the vehicle will perform on ground. The second division includes virtual static events for each category- mBaja and eBaja- Design, cost, Go Green, sales presentation and Innovation event. aBaja- EMI/EMC simulation, sustainability presentation and Innovation event. hBaja- Sustainability, Safety, Cost, Go Green, Design Sales presentation and Innovation event. The objective of this phase is to evaluate the design understanding, cost efficiency, and business skills of the participating teams.

Phase 3 - Physical Round, BAJA SAEINDIA 2025

The final leg of the event is Phase 3, the Physical round, which is conducted physically in Jan 2025 for mBaja and hBaja and in March 2025 for eBaja for 5 days. It starts with a technical evaluation round for all the joining teams, moving forward with the dynamic events such as acceleration event, Maneuverability event, Suspension and traction event for the teams clearing the technical inspection. The static final round is held simultaneously for the qualifying teams which includes final Sales presentation, cost presentation, Go green, Innovation event and CAE Evaluation. Finally, a 4-hour Endurance race on the last day of the event for all the qualified teams.