Create state-of-art research and testing infrastructure to drive India into the future of global automotive excellence.


NATRiP aims at setting up of seven state-of-the-art automotive testing and R&D centres across the country and thereby :

  • Creating core global competencies.
  • Enhancing competitive skills for product development leading to deepening of manufacturing.
  • Synergizing India's unique capabilities in Information Technology with the automotive sector.
  • Facilitating seamless integration of Indian automotive industry with the world to put India strongly on the global automotive map.


National Automotive Testing and R&D Infrastructure Project (NATRiP), the largest and one of the most significant initiatives in Automotive sector so far, represents a unique joining of hands between the Government of India, a number of State Governments and Indian Automotive Industry to create a state of the art Testing, Validation and R&D infrastructure in the country.

The Project aims at creating core global competencies in Automotive sector in India and facilitate seamless integration of Indian Automotive industry with the world as also to position the country prominently on the global automotive map.