Baja SAEINDIA 2016

Over the years Baja has grown in popularity and has become a bigger event nationally. It serves as a platform for young engineering talent to showcase their skills and acquire a real life experience while over coming obstacle and challenges.The 9th edition of BAJA SAEINDIA in the coming year 2016 will be altogether a different scenario in terms of number of participants as well as level of vehicles.

This time we have received 390+ registrations from all over the country which is in itself a huge progress. Since its inception, BAJA has inspired many brilliant minds to come up with mind boggling innovations and developments and this time also BAJA will ignite the passion which will generate the spark to create a better version of vehicles.

Last year we had 18 teams for E-BAJA which has reached to 32 teams this year. This is a big step towards awareness among individuals about alternate energy sources and sustainable development. E- BAJA is a strong initiative and we look forward to work for the betterment of technology and environment.