Baja SAEINDIA 2013


That's the theme for Baja SAEINDIA 2013 Download Brochure

The theme chosen this year for BAJA SAEINDIA 2013 is Zero Tolerance. This policy consists of the following.

100 per cent safe, first time right

Interpretation of the rule book by every word, line, rule is quite crucial, meaningful and reasons are important. It relates to the safety of the individual and the vehicle along with other teams. Roll cage specification, kill switch, safety restraints and other details are specified in rule book, which plays a major role in safety. To achieve this, all parameters need to be focused on right at the start, as expected in the rule book.

100 per cent rule book compliance

While preparing the BAJA vehicle, terms understand by self-learning and deliver the expected outcome by the rule book. Teamwork plays a major role by sharing responsibility and achieving targets in procurement, design manufacturing and validation. Compliance of vehicle is to be focused upon by every member. More one reads the rule book, more it becomes easy to meet the requirements. Self-certification check shee is drawn based on rule book and compliance for it will make technical inspection at site very essay for all.

100 per cent readiness for technical aspect

Upfront though process is required in developing the BAJA Vehicle, which will meet the requirements of performance and endurance. Teams who are committed for better performance will have easy approach for future careers. Thus zero tolerance can relate to better product quality and compliance to the rule book.